Showing off Some Props at Toronto Mini Maker Faire


Myself and a couple other members of the Toronto Prop Party took part in this years Toronto Mini Maker Faire to show off some of our props and talk about how we make them. I also was showing off the iCarver 40-915X (made by General CNC) that I have been using for the past month or so.

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About Me, and this Blog


Starting when I was young I loved making things, which lent itself naturally to my desire to make props from my favourite tv shows and movies. Along the way I’ve learned much from some great friends and had the opportunity to work on props professionally as well. This blog is going to be a discussion about my love of, or perhaps more accurately obsession with, props, toys, and just plain cool stuff. The focus will be mainly on how I make props and prop replicas, the tips and tricks I have come across, but will likely also stray into discussing other cool props, kits, and more! I am hoping to be able to post at least once a week, as time permits, or as I have projects to discuss. Continue reading