Showing off Some Props at Toronto Mini Maker Faire


Myself and a couple other members of the Toronto Prop Party took part in this years Toronto Mini Maker Faire to show off some of our props and talk about how we make them. I also was showing off the iCarver 40-915X (made by General CNC) that I have been using for the past month or so.

For those that don’t know what the Toronto Mini Maker Faire is, it’s a two day event where Toronto area makers get together to show off tech, techniques, cool things they have invented, awesome items they sell, and more. It was my first Faire and while it was intense and somewhat stressful at points I had a great time, met some great new contacts and talented people, and saw amazing stuff. Along with Justin Monk and Scott Maple of Kropserkel the Toronto Prop Party was pretty popular with many kids and adults alike rushing over to see what we were showing off!

Fortunately I had the help of my better half, Raelene, to help man the tables with the props and cnc router as well as fend off the MANY little hands grabbing at everything! Since the general atmosphere of the Maker Faire is so hands on we weren’t prepared for the potential insanity. We were only really used to showing off our props in a calm and quiet environment without 13,000 people walking through it (my photos were at quiet moment so it looks slow), at the Toronto Prop Party. This made for some stress, but seeing little kids, their parents, and adults get excited about our props made up for it!

I hoped that by showing off our props and talking to people about how we make the props we love it may foster the desire to make things in others. Since it can sometimes be tough to take a somewhat abstract or overwhelming idea of making something, I thought that connecting it to the potential of having something cool from a movie or TV show someone loves would help people realize that they can make things too!

Showing What a CNC Router Can Do

I’ve been lucky enough to have a iCarver 40-915X to use, and show off at the Faire, and I wanted to show people what you can do with a CNC router beyond just 2 and 2.5D cutting. I showed off a mini Olaf from Frozen that I made, a variety of other items that made just to show different processes as well as some amazing pieces that were made by my friend at Oxenham Design on a CNC router. I’ll talk more about Olaf in a future blog post. Many assume that a CNC router is good for flat shapes or some relief cutting, but as I have learned from Oxenham Design, you can do a ton more than that by thinking in a 3D realm and planning things out. Doing things a 3D printer can’t do economically a CNC router is another tool in a toolbox to make ideas into reality.

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